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Yamaha XS850 Prototype

Yamaha XS850 Prototype

The Yamaha XS started life in the 1970’s as a 750 with an unusual configuration of three cylinders.
Engine was enlarged to 826 cc and it became the XS850.
Pictures show the original 850 UK prototype.
Designed and built by Vehicle Developments in Andover, it never went into active service, whereas the 750 was used in other parts of the globe. The fairing and panniers were made and supplied by the Rickman Brothers, a familiar accessories supplier of the period.

Engine: four stroke, three cylinder
Capacity: 826 cc
Maximum Power: 60 Bhp
Transmission: 5 speed, shaft final
Wheelbase: N/A
Weight: 604 lb (274 kg)
Speed: N/A

Full fairing, solo seat, panniers, rear radio rack, blue halogen warning lights, illuminated rear Police sign, electric two tone horns
Yamaha XS850 Prototype
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