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Yamaha XJ6S (2013)

Yamaha XJ6S (2013)
First Impressions by PaulH

Late last year (2013), I borrowed this super new police model, the Yamaha XJ6S Diversion. Although very common in mainland Europe, this was currently the only police model in the UK. Yamaha very kindly delivered the bike to the Brooklands Motor Museum for a Transportfest Show run by the Bus Museum.
First impressions are how compact the model is. With an inline 4 cylinder 600cc engine, it is more then enough power for the urban environment. Based on the European model, the XJ6 is very well equipped for the professional user with a reinforced frame, solo seat, front crash bars, rear top opening panniers, rear case guards.
The bike is fitted with front blue lights, rear blue pole and a rear red take down light above the number plate. Twin Whelen sirens are attached to the front crash bars. All emergency equipment is controlled by the right hand switch cluster, very similar to the old Honda ST1100, means that everything can be controlled without removing your hands from the bars.
Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take the XJ on to the road as the weather was torrential rain for over 3 hours and it would not be a fair test. Did manage to run it round the museum and it is very light and responsive. So, hopefully, some time this year I will be able to borrow it again to do a lengthy ride and a proper evaluation.

My thanks again go to Andy Pumfrey of Yamaha Motor UK for the use of the Police demonstrator.

Engine 4-stroke, parallel 4-cylinder
Capacity 600cc
Maximum Power 57.0kw (77.5PS) @ 10,000 rpm
Transmission 6-speed, constant mesh
Overall length 2,120 mm
Weight 211 kg
Yamaha XJ6S (2013)
Yamaha XJ6S (2013) controls
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