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Velocette LE

Velocett LE (1960 Kent)
The LE was first introduced in 1948 and had a 149cc water cooled boxer engine with shaft drive.

Early models had a hand gear change, changed later to a foot change. From 1951 it went into police service and the engine was increased to 192cc. It was favoured because of its quiet running and low maintenance. It was never sold in great quantity to the general public.

The LE was nicknamed the 'Noddy' bike. One suggestion for this name was that officers had to salute a senior officer when riding past them therefore having to remove a hand from the controls. On one occasion, a Sergeant saluted, lost control of his motorcycle and fell off. Afterwards, it was suggested that officers should nod their heads instead, thus keeping proper control of the vehicle.

The 192cc Mk3 was introduced in 1958 and had a foot gearchange and 204LKP shown here, is a 1960 model that served with Kent Police.

However, they were not all LE's were grey or black and in some places such as Lancashire, they had them painted match the rest of the fleet - in Triumph Amathist red.

The company went into liquidation in 1971, but Kent had enough spares to keep theirs going until 1974
Velocette LE 204LKP Kent
Velocette LE 204LKP (Kent)
Velocette LE 204LKP (Kent) rear
Velocette LE Ex-Manchester City Police
Velocette LE withh Cossor radio
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