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Triumph Tiger T90p, T100p & Mercury

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Triumph Tiger T90p, T100p & Mercury

Look! No bathtub! No Nacelle!
The new T90P and T100P were the natural sucessors to the 3TA & 5TA for police work in Triumphs 'C' Range of machines, although production of the 3TA & 5TA machines continued in parrallel with the new models for two years.

The Police at Hendon had two pre-production Tiger 90's converted to trials specification which become famous as 105CWD and 106CWD, the ISDT Tiger 90’s on which they competed very sucessfully.

The first Police sales were in 1964, comprising 41 T90's & 28 T100's.
In 1965 this was 21 T100's (plus 95 3TA's &11 5TA's).
In 1966 there were a number of changes with improvements to the frame, fitting 12 volt electrics (with the Zenner diode fitted to a simple aluminium bracket behind the side pannel) and the appearance of the 'Eyebrow' tank badge, using black letters on an Alaskan white background. The model name 'Mercury' appears on T100C's for South Africa.
Figures for 1967 show sales of 178 T90P, 53 Mercury T100CP + 56 Mercury T100SC Military machines, plus 73 Tiger T100P. These figures include export machines, not just the UK Police.
In 1968 the figures were 330 T90P's & 207 T100P's but no Mercury's. There were frame and other changes, but perhaps the most noticeable being the repositioning of the Zenner onto a finned casting mounted beneath the headlight.
The last Tiger 90's were supposedly produced between January and May 1968, with 171 being police versions. A number of 1968 machines were supplied to the UK Police forces in Glasgow, Dublin, Liverpool, Buckinghamshire, Dorset etc.  However, a small batch were produced in 1969 for the Irish Garda. Figures for 1969 - T90P 28, T100P 352, T100C 11.
T100P production continued, with 271 made between Aug 69 and Oct 70, a further 103 produced between then and July 1971
and another 485 to July 1972, when the 500cc model range was reduced to just the T100R and the T100P. As before, there were minor changes each year and the figures include exports. Production up to June 73 was of 180 T100P, of which some were for the AA and painted in Yellow. The final 100 T100P machines for 1974 were built between June and October 1973.
Truimph T100, London Met
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