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Triumph Thunderbird 751ALD story

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Triumph Thunderbird 650 751ALD

The new Triumph Thunderbird 650’s were introduced to the Police Traffic patrol Fleet in early 1960. No 2064 T, pictured here, was one of the first two issued to DT6 at Hendon in March 1960 as a non-R/T bike. This actual model was first used by a young PC Bert Oxford on duty at the Hampstead Heath Easter fair in North London.
In 1961 the bike was taken out of service on several occasions for use as a demonstration exhibit in the newly formed “ROADCRAFT EXHIBITION”. Eventually, in late 1962 it was withdrawn for permanent use in the exhibition. It remained on this duty as part of the “Motor-cyclists reaction tester” travelling all over London until replaced by a newer model in 1973. Its’ show business career was not over however, as it was kept for use as a static exhibit in small shows and police station open-days etc.
In 1982 the elderly machine was purchased by an even older Police Sgt. Bert Oxford on his retirement. It was kept in a well greased state until mid 1992 when complete restoration work was started. The job was finished in 1993, after a complete strip-down to the last nut & bolt and a meticulous rebuild with all worn parts renewed. The bike was unfortunately never ridden again as Bert Oxford kept it in exhibition condition & at nearly 70 years old, did not feel up to “biking” again. Unfortunately my father Bert Oxford lost his battle to cancer diagnosed in July 2008, he died on 9th December 2008 just 1 day before the year’s anniversary of his wife’s death.

Our thanks go to Christine for the information about the Thunderbird. The bike is on display at the London Motorcycle Museum in Greenford and we do hope to show it at some of the events this year.

Unfortunately, since this was written, the Museum has had to sell of a large number of exhibits.
751ALD was auctioned in October 2019 and sold for £5175 inc.
We don't know where it is now.
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