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Triumph Thunderbird 650

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Triumph Thunderbird 650
The Police specification Triumph Thunderbird, originally based on the civilian single carb 650, was itself based on the legendary Speed Twin designed by the legendary Edward Turner. It was latterly known as The 'Saint’ and between the early 1950's and the mid 1970's was a familiar sight on British roads. Police bikes in the UK were not always white. Many forces used black as stock colours, with the Metropolitan Police (London) running some in red. Equipment varied from force to force. However most of the early models were fitted with leg shields. A few were fitted with radio for major events, such as the Coronation in 1953, the same year that the Met riders were supplied with 'Corker' helmets. Also in London, the riders were required to pass a more advanced course for machines fitted with radios.
Later machines were fitted with half or full fairings with blue lights built in, panniers, two tone horns and police equipment which has become the norm.
Triumph were for many years the main motorcycle supplier to the police in England, as well as to the rest of the world.
Pre-unit construction Thunderbirds were designated TR6. In 1963, Triumph went to unit construction for all its 650cc machines and in 1967 the TR6 'Trophy' made to Police specification became the TR6P 'Saint'.

Engine: four stroke, twin cylinder
Capacity: 649cc
Maximum Power: 34bhp
Transmission: 4 speed, chain final
Wheelbase: 1500mm
Weight: 385lb (175kg)
Speed: 106mph (171kph)

Leg shields, crash bars, solo seat, panniers, optional blue halogen warning lights, electric two tone horns, fire extinguisher, radio system
Triumph Thunderbird TR6 Saint demo 177EUE
Triumph Thunderbird, London Met. 759ALD
Triumph Speedtwin 751ALD
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