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Triumph Speedtwin 1937-57

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Triumph Speed Twin 500cc

The Triumph Speed Twin was first introduced to the public at the Olympia Show in 1937.
Although the original model wasn’t very powerful, it made up the difference by being lighter which allowed it to be quicker of the mark and much easier starting. At the time it was probably the most up to date motorcycle available for sale. From the very beginning of production the Speed Twin was put to both police and military use with the Metropolitan Police the first to employ the bikes on the streets of London. Other forces and countries quickly followed their example and the Triumph was soon on active service throughout the world.
Compare the pictures of the 1952 machine (civilianised) and the 1957 Speed Twin, Kent Constabulary model in police trim complete with a BCC radio system. 1957 was also the year that swinging arm suspension was introduced.

Solo seat, Radio rack, Optional leg shields, Fire Extinguisher, Radio equipment

Engine: four stroke, twin cylinder
Capacity: 499 cc
Maximum Power: 27 Bhp
Transmission: 4 speed, chain final
Wheelbase: 1400 mm
Weight: 395 lb (179 kg)
Speed: Approx. 75 mph (120 kph)

Triumph Speedtwin with BCC radio. YKT310
Triumph 5T Speed Twin 1955 London Met BCC
Triumph SpeedTwin 500cc 1952
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