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Swallow Gadabout

Swallow Gadabout

The Gadabout was built by the Swallow Coachbuilding Company based in Walsall, Staffordshire. The Mark 1 in the pictures used a Villiers 9D 122cc two stoke engine, bodywork was all steel construction with access to the tank, tap and tools under the seat. When it was announced to the press in 1946, it was billed as the “British Two Wheeler for Mr & Mrs Everyman”.
It was a successful model with around 2000 sold. In 1949, the company introduced the Mark 2 with a Villiers 10D 122cc engine, 3 speed footchange gearbox and a top speed of 30mph.
This Swallow Gadabout was built in 1948 and was registered to Leicester City Police in 1949. Primary use was for beat officers.

Thanks to the current owner Donald Gray for the information. His immaculate restoration was finished in 2010.
Swallow Gadabout FRY848
Swallow Gadabout FRY848 rhs
Swallow Gadabout FRY848 engine
Swallow Gadabout outside Leicester Police HQ
Swallow Gadabout with bus
Swallow Gadabout on display
Swallow Gadabout on duty
Swallow Gadabout MDH 920 on duty
Swallow Gadabout (white) on duty
Swallow Gadabout newspaper article
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