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Suzuki Bergman

Suzuki Bergman (2017)
The Suzuki Bergman Hydrogen Police Scooter was introduced to the Metropolitam Police service (MPS) in London in 2017 as part of an 18-month trial to assess the suitability of hydrogen fuel cell scooters for police work.
Based on the Burgman 125, the MPS is the only organisation outside Japan to operate these scooters with the aim of how clean technology could be added to the fleet in the future.

Engine - AC Synchronous motor
Fuel Cell Technology - Air Cooled Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell
Battery - Li-ion
Weight - Approx. 170Kg
Range - Approx. 120 Km (75 Miles)

Suzuki Bergman rhs
Suzuki Bergman lhs
Suzuki Bergman rear KX17EZC
Suzuki Bergman front KX17EZC
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