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Rickman Zundapp 125

Rickman Zundapp 125

The pictures show a 1972 Rickman 125 Police model which served with Hampshire Constabulary, England.
The motorcycle was built by the Rickman Brothers based in New Milton, Hampshire and was based on their enduro model. The engine is a 125 Zundapp two stroke. They were fitted with a handle bar mounted fairing and lower leg shields for protection from the elements. They also had a fibreglass fuel tank but this was changed later to steel.
A total of 110 were purchased by Hampshire Police and we believe that MOT70L is the last surviving example in police trim.

Engine: two stroke, single cylinder
Capacity: 123 cc
Maximum Power: 17 bhp
Transmission: 5 speed, chain final
Wheelbase: n/a
Weight: 372 lb (172 kg)
Speed: 80 mph (130 kph)
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