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Norton Experimental

Norton Experimental TRRL ESM3
In 1987, Norton used one of their air cooled 'Classic' machines, basically an Interpol2, to create an experimental machine for testing and evaluation.

The machine had an aluminnium fairing, large Craven panniers, large Interpol2 rear lights, mechanical ABS brakes, as well as extra padding and the possible fitting of a riders air bag, all toped off with the radio carrier and box. It has matching engine and frame numbers of *3265*.
In publicity photographs, at the time of the proposed share sale, it can be seen at the TRRL testing grouns, sporting the registration 'TRRL3 ESM'.

The TRRL is the Transport and Road Research Laboritory. They crash a lot of vehicles there to understand their behaviour in an accident. Many an old police test-ridden Interpol2 has met its end here.

However, TRRL3 survived, possibly as work was now concentrated on the Commander, or just lack of funds.
It became a static exhibit at the National Mororcycle Museum in Birmingham for a while, but was sold into private hands in 2007. It has changed hands through private collectors several times since.

It was on show on the HPMG stand at Stafford in 2000.
Norton TRRL3
Norton Interpol2 experimental TRRL ESM3
Norton Interpol2 experimental TRRL ESM3
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