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Norton Dominator 88

Norton Dominator
The Dominator 88 was a 500 cc vertical twin motorcycle manufactured by the Norton from 1952 to 1966. It was the first of Norton's motorcycles to use the featherbed frame, which established Norton's reputation of producing fine handling machines. In 1960 the top frame tubes were placed closer together and this became known as the 'Slimline' frame and so the previous version was now known as the 'Wideline'.
Early models had a magneto mounted behind the engine and a dynamo to power for the lights. Later models used coil ignition with an alternator and were fitted with a boost switch to help supply the radio. A small modification to the tailliight bracket facillitated the fitting of a radio antenns. As would be expected, a recessed tank completed its radio reddiness.


497cc OHV Vertical twin
Bore/Stroke 66mm x 72.6mm
Top Speed 95 mph
Power 36 bhp @ 7000 rpm on later machines
Wet Clutch  4-speed gearbox
Chain drive, Telescopic 'Roadholder' forks
Tyres 3.00x19 front, 3.50x19 rear
Wheelbase 55.5 in. Seat height 31 in.
Weight 380 lb (170 kg dry)

Norton Dominator 88 500cc 921MOO 1963
Norton Dominator 88 500cc 921MOO 1963
Dominator 88 rear end for antenna etc.
Norton Dominator 88 500cc 921MOO 1963
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