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The Kawasaki KZ1000P

The Kawasaki KZ1000P was introduced into service in 1982 as a direct replacement for the original C series. Everything had been either redesigned or upgraded. The engine was now the more powerful J series. Although it retained features of the old C model, it is a much superior bike. This model has been for many years the standard police issue model for the American market. KZ1000s’ are run for 50,000 miles or 3 years before being replaced, a truly reliable workhorse. Kawasaki have stopped production of this model from 2005 although many were still being run in fleets.

Engine: four stroke, four cylinders
Capacity: 998cc
Maximum Power: 92bhp
Transmission: 5 speed, chain final
Wheelbase: 1535mm
Weight: 677lb (308kg)
Speed: n/a

Fairing, crash bars, footboards, sprung solo seat, panniers,
red / blue halogen / strobe warning lights,
electronic siren, radio system, optional red / blue pole lamp
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