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Kawasaki Kent machines

Kawasaki Z200's in Kent
Kent County Constabulary purchased 94 Z200's, all A5 models.
The first batch were blue and Kent registered.
The second batch were all silver and non Kent registered as they were supplied by Windmill Garage, Gatwick, hence the non Kent registrations of some.
One of the machines shown, VKE113X is fleet number 73KS making it the third one registered from the second batch with registrations VKE111X to VKE142X.  
These bikes replaced the Honda CB200's and were the last small bikes used by the force and were replaced by Ford Fiesta vans. They were used by rural officers.
Few forces used these bikes and they are very rare.
This, together with VKE118X are the only ones known to exsist

Kawasaki Z200 A5 Kent 1983
Kawasaki Z200's of Kent
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