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Honda ST1300

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Honda ST1300P (2002)

After the success of the ST1100 as an operational machine, Honda replaced it with the ST1300P.
An all new package, it is lighter and faster and comes with fuel injection, electric windscreen, ABS brakes and removable panniers. The bikes in the UK are converted to police spec by Sonic using the latest LED technology from Woodway Engineering. Specially designed keypads operate all of the emergency systems. At the rear is a matrix sign which can be programmed for different messages. Colour schemes are the familiar battenburg you see in the pictures.

Full fairing, crash bars, solo seat, panniers, blue LED / strobe warning lights, electronic siren, modulating headlight, rear fog lights, Matrix sign, modulating rear reds and blues, rear blue pole light, radio system

Engine: four stroke, V four
Capacity: 1261cc
Maximum Power: 125bhp
Transmission: 5 speed, shaft final
Wheelbase: 1490mm
Weight: 630lbs (287kgs)
Speed: 145mph (232kph)

Honda Demonstartor 1st PanEuropean ST1300p
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