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Honda NT650V Deauville (1998)

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Honda NT650 Deauville

The Honda NT650V Deauville was in production from 1998 until 2005 when it was replaced by the bigger NT700V. The engine, a liquid cooled V-twin goes back to the original NTV650.
The motorcycles for the UK are converted by Honda to emergency specification. As a tried and tested formula, it has proven itself in the field as a good operational vehicle, excellent in town because of its light weight. It comes with as standard a front fairing for keeping the weather off, an advanced combined braking system and built-in panniers. Has
been especially popular with European forces.
The pictures show a Surrey Police model which was also equipped with a camera and recording equipment.
Honda Deauville NT650V (1998)
Honda Deauville NT650V (1998) GX56NYG
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