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Honda CB450P

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Honda CB450P
The CB450, otherwise known as the ‘Black Bomber’ was introduced to the general public in 1965. It was the first large capacity model produced by Honda. The ‘Police Special’ came equipped with a solo seat, rear radio rack, red or blue front pursuit lights, a friction driven siren which took the drive of the back wheel and a large calibrated speedometer for checking speeding motorists. Used heavily by the Japanese market, Honda tried to break into the lucrative American law enforcement market but failed because of Harley
Davidson’s dominance.
Production of this model ceased in 1976.

Engine: Four stroke, Twin cylinder
Capacity: 445 cc
Maximum Power: 45 bhp
Transmission: 4 speed, chain final
Wheelbase: 1350 mm
Weight: 438 lb (199 kg)
Speed: 103 mph (165 kph)
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