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Harley-Davidson ServiCar

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Harley Davidson Servi-Car
Introduced by Harley Davidson in 1932, the Servi-car was based on the ‘D’ model 45 cubic inch V twin engine, car type rear end with a differential axle. The Servi-car was popular with garages/auto shops, who would ride to the customer's home, hook the Servi-car behind the auto and then drive back to the garage. The police departments in the USA found it especially useful for parking and traffic enforcement. Officers liked the ability to be able to ride slowly through parking areas, marking the rear wheel of the parked cars with chalk on a stick. When they came back, the vehicles remaining with chalk marks over their time limit would be given a ticket. The Servi-car would often be used by female personnel and gave rise to the term ‘Meter Maids’. This model saw production up to the 1970’s. It was Harley Davidson’s longest production run for a model.
Harley-Davidson ServiCar
Harley-Davidson ServiCar rear
Harley-Davidson ServiCar controls
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