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Greeves 24DE (TPU24E pictured)
Greeves was founded in 1952. Most of their models were competition bikes which used Villiers engines and gearboxes together with a cast aluminium frame and their own design leading link front forks. They produced some models of road machines, the most notable of which was the ‘Essex Twin’ using a 2T twin cylinder Villiers engine. These were supplied to the City of London Police between 1964 - 1965. The model shown below is a Greeves 24DE, engine no PRO227/4450, frame no 24DE 101. It was the original prototype and was a single cylinder two stroke. The 24DE was only made for the Police service. It was presented by Greeves to Southend on Sea Police in March 1967. Other notable users were the City of London Police and Staffordshire Constabulary, UK.

Engine: two stroke, single cylinder
Capacity: 247cc
Maximum Power: n/a
Transmission: n/a
Wheelbase: n/a
Weight: n/a
Speed: n/a
Solo seat, leg shields, tank mounted radio, fire extinguisher, optional fairing
Greeves 24DE TPU24E
Greeves 24DE Ex-Staffordshire Police
Greeves 24DE Ex-Staffordshire Police
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