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DMW Deemster

DMW Deemster
 Built by Dawson Motor Works in Dudley, Worcestershire, England, the DMW Police model was first introduced in 1963. It was designed by Mike Riley of DMW and had scooter panelling, leading link front forks and 16 inch wheels. The earlier machines were fitted with a Villiers 2T engine.
From 1967, the Mk2 appeared with a flat-twin Viceroy engine and uplifted fiberglass bodywork.
If a radio were fitted, it would typically be a Cossor 104 or possibly a CC301, with its control unit sat on top of the fuel tank and main unit hidden beneath the bodywork.

DMW sold approximately 250 to eight British Police Forces, including -
Radnorshire (now in Powys) 1963 EFO...
Staffordshire 1964 MRE 1 B etc
Hull 1964 SKH…B
Mercia 1964 ACJ…B
Montgomeryshire 1965 AEP…C
Pembrokshire 1965 BDE...C
Gloustershire 1965 FDF…C & 1967 MDF…F
Wolverhampton 1966 (Bought 8) JJW…D
East Sussex 1966 HNJ6..D
Southend Essex 1966 HJN5..D & 1967 XVW..F
Dudley B’ham 1967 LFD…E & OFD…F
DMW Deemster Mk1 1964, Staffordshire Police
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