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Chater-Lea 8HP NO.7 'BIG TWIN' c1922
Chater-Lea 8HP NO.7 'BIG TWIN' c1922
These were amongst the earliest motorcycles used by the Police. They were often fitted with a sidecar, possibly for transporting a another officer, or perhaps some documents across the City, but they were not considered a patrol machine.
Picture is from the London Met collection.
One of these, with sidecar, sold for £26,450 at auction in April 2019.

Just for information, the newer picture was taken in the National Motorcycle Museum.
Its not the same model, but is another Chatter-Lea of the same era using a 'Blackbourne' 350cc Single Cylinder 2.75 H.P. engine. Made in London and launched in 1923.
It cost £65 for Side-valve or £72.50 for OHV and featured 3-speed gears, chain drive and suspension.
The wheels were interchangable and had internal brakes.
It was auctioned in December 2020 and fetched over £55,000

Chater-Lea Blackbourne 350cc
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