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BSA M34-12  
BSA M34-12 BKE447 pictured

Since the very early days of motorcycling, BSA have been producing machines for both military and police use. The bikes shown in the pictures are very rare models, both having served with the Kent Constabulary around 1934, and both based with the traffic division at the same time. They were supplied in the same batch of models from BSA and have almost consecutive numbers. In April 2004, they came together for a show at the Kent Police Museum for the first time in 60 years. One has been restored and the other is ridden regularly and is unrestored.

Engine: four stroke, single cylinder
Capacity: 600cc
Maximum Power: 5.95bhp
Transmission: N/A
Wheelbase: N/A
Weight: N/A Speed: N/A
Solo seat, rear carrier
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