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BSA B25 Fleetstar

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BSA B25 Fleetstar
The BSA 250cc Fleetstar is a version of BSA's Starfire, but made specifically for Police and fleet use. It is a direct decendant of the C15 and was launched in 1968 using the same 67x70 bore and stroke. It was part of the Small Heath factorys modernisation program for unit construction singles.
The early C15's had 8.5:1 for civillian use, but only 6.5:1 for police work. However, this single cylinder OHV four-stroke starts at 8.5:1 for police work but was 10:1 for normal civillian work.
449 Fleetstar's were made, with 249 going to 30 different police forces. Hampshire had a bulk order of 50 machines while the final ones went to Gloustershire, early in 1972.  
BSA B25 Fleetstar (factory demo)
BSA B25 Fleetstar (wales)
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