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BSA A10 650cc Police Version
First introduced in October 1950 and developed over the next few years to become a fast and reliable machine.
It could reach about 90 mph in about 20 seconds, making it suitable even for the motorways of the time.
Changes for police work included fitting both a dynamo and an alternator for radios on later machines.

Engine is 70mm x 64mm 646cc four-stroke vertical twin with cast iron cylinders and head.
The OHV pushrod engine had 7.25:1 compression producing 34 bhp at 5750 rpm.
4-speed gearbox, chain drive. WM2x19 wheels. Amal carbs.

They were often fitted with crash bars front & rear, legshields, screen, fire extinguisher etc.
Provision was made for fitting a radio if required e.g. for rural areas and motorways.
BSA A10 650cc Birmingham City Police
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