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Brough Superior 11.50

Brough Superior 11.50

Production of the Brough Superior 11.50 started in 1933. Powered by a 1096 cc sidevalve V-twin (60 degree configuration), it was designed for big side valve enthusiasts who wanted more speed but with quiet smooth running. This particular 11.50 came out of the factory in 1933 as part of a batch with sidecars attached for the Police Service and is one of the motorcycles in the picture to the left leaving the factory with some very lucky police officers riding them.
At some point the original sidecar was changed to the Brough Superior Alpine Grand Sports Sidecar manufactured by Brough.
YG3838 is a fabulous example of the Brough Superior 11.50, seen at the world famous Brooklands Museum in Surrey.

Engine: four stroke, V-Twin
Capacity: 1,096 cc
Maximum Power: 45 bhp
Transmission: 4 speed, chain final
Wheelbase: n/a
Weight: n/a
Speed: 90 mph (144 kph) Solo
Brough Superior 11.50 at Factory
Brough Superior 11.50 YG3838
YG3838 seen at the Brooklands Museum, Surrey as noted in the text.
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