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BMW R60/6 City of London

BMW R60/6 1976 City of London

The machine shown OLP225P is an R60/6 from 1976 and served with the City of London Police.
It is probably the last surviving earliest example of a UK spec Police BMW in livery.

The fairing is by Avon, the blue ligts are Notek, radio is Pye Westminster and panniers are by Craven.

Engine: Four stroke opposed twin 'Boxer'
Capacity: 599cc
Maximum Power: 40 BHP
Transmission: 5-speed shaft drive
Wheelbase: 1465 mm
Weight: 464 Lbs (210 Kg)
Speed: 103 mph (165 kph)

Features and equipment
Full fairing, Crash Bars, Solo Seat, Panniers, Halogen Blue lights, Illuminated rear 'POLICE/STOP' sign, Two-tone electric air horns, Fire extinguisher, Radio
This machine was seen on duty on the Island of Tenneriffe in 2002
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