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The vehicle shown, RO51RXX, was based with Essex police and used as a public relations vehicle to promote their motorcycle road safety scheme.
The City of London Police also had an operational one.
They were often seen in some Mediteranian countries and the Cannaries.
For UK use, they had to have seatbelts.

Engine: 4-stroke single
Capacity: 125cc or 197cc
Maximum power: n/a
Transmission: Automatic
Wheelbase: n/a
Weight: 402 Lbs (185kgs)
Speed: 75 mph

Equipment and Features
Fully enclosed bodywork, windscreen wiper, single seat, seat belt, rear storage.
Front facing blue lights. Some also had a blue beacon on the roof.

BMW C1, London Met. from HPMG newsletter.
This vehicle is seen in service with the Spanish Police on the island of Tenneriefe in 2002.
Note the differences, including the blue light.
BMW C1 Tenneriefe 2002
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