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Stafford Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show - October 2009 p2

1963 500cc Norton Dominator 88, 921 MOO makes its first appearance at Stafford. Owner Rob Bradley got a big surprise when its true origins were revealed earlier in the year. The bike was ridden here from Sheffield and didn’t drip any oil.

NEXT Newsbeat Oct 09 p3

This 1957 150cc BSA Bantam Major owned by Bill Hollis .It carries a Huntingdonshire C.C. Registration. Bill specialises in lightweights, and tried to bring a new acquisition to each show.

Norton Atlas, Honda CB750, Norton Interpol, Triumph Saint, Norton Dominator 88, Triumph 5TA, BSA Bantam Major, Velocette LE,  Kawasaki K1000P and BSA A10