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    The Historic Police Motorcycle Group was originally conceived in England (UK) by Constable David Bragg of the Royal Parks Constabulary in 1993. His original idea was to have an informal road run involving old retired Police bikes. To the enjoyment of all, over 50 machines turned up for the first inaugural run, together with the help of several Police Forces supplying outriders. On the basis of the above,  the group developed in the UK as well as Europe, and today involves several hundred members with countless machines from all over the world. Throughout the year, there are many events up and down the UK together with runs in the Netherlands with direct involvement with the Emergency Services at their shows and open days. It is the one time that the proud owners of these once working bikes can show them off again, either in a static show or on an organized road run under Police escort.  Most of the bikes when retired from active duties are stripped of all their Police equipment and civilianized. Not all of the owners restore their bikes to original condition, but it is fun to see when they have, especially the older motorcycles, for which a lot of the Police accessories are no longer available.

If you own a retired Police motorcycle and would like know more, or would like help in restoring one, can you please e-mail us by going to the picture of the Police Officer writing in his notebook,

                                 Paul Harcus - editor & secretary

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