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Moto Guzzi V65PN 1998
Originally saw service with the
Polizia Municipale, Empoli, Italy.
Equipped with fairing, front and rear
blue lights, crash bars (front and rear),
panniers, electronic siren.

Price UK 2,500

Contact Nick Carter
E-mail:  pharcus@aol.com

Moto Morini 500sei 1982
Retired from the
Polizia Municipale, Rome, Italy.
Believed to be one of only 20 built.
Fully equipped with fairing,
panniers, front leg shields,
front blue lights, two tone horns.

Price UK 4,000

Contact Paul Harcus
E-mail:  pharcus@aol.com

Moto Guzzi 850T3 P.A. 1982
This model saw active service with the Carabinieri, Bologna, Italy.
Equipped with fairing, crash bars (front and rear), panniers, mechanical sirens.

Price UK 3500

Contact Paul Harcus
E-mail:  pharcus@aol.com

Moto Guzzi 750NTX 1994
Fully equipped with fairing, front blue lights,
two tone horn, pannier, Police markings

Price UK 2500

Contact Teo Lamers Motorcycles,
Nijmegan, The Netherlands

E-mail:  guzzi@tlm.nl
Web site:  www.tlm.nl

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