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Historic Police Motorcycle Group

For Owners of ex Police Motorcycles

Welcome to the HPMG

The Group is a register of ‘retired' or ex-police motorcycles and their owners - mainly in the UK but extending to Europe and beyond. The only qualification is that the machines were once built for Police use or to Police specification, anywhere, including machines for Fire, Ambulance & Military use.

The Group aims to unite owners of such machines so that they can still be seen by fellow enthusiasts and members of the public. To this end, members display their machines at an ever growing list of events, runs, shows and open days in the UK and Europe. Occasionally we are even asked to locate specific machines or advise on them for TV and film work.

The site concentrates on members activities through news, photographs and advice. Current models are not overlooked, as within a few years they will be ‘retired’ as well. All this and more inside.

Some things we don’t have

We cannot provide a vehicle dating service.

We have no fleet records.

We cannot provide legal advice.

There are no ‘Sales and Wants’

There is no ‘Spares’ section.

There are no ‘Forums’.

But... Some of them could be added.

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About the Group

News, Stories, Events, Photographs, Archives &  Newsletters for Owners, Riders, Restorers or anyone interested in Police Motorcycles, new or old.

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Formed in 1992

Over 25 years old

Articles, photos and events info are always wanted for the Newsletter.


Chester Festival Staffordshire BMW LT